“Iheartblooms represents my love for new beginnings.”

Hello, I'm Jenn

A designer and tech-lover who is passionately in love with creative explorations. My pursuit in fashion / theatrical makeup eventually led me to the wedding scene. I love meeting new people, and finding ways to help them have an uplifting experience on their special occasions.

Being able to step into the stories of my brides / clients is rewarding. Their experiences on love and excitement about the future positively inspire me. We are happiest when we follow our hearts. Seek out styles that best represents your personality, and I am certain you will be a happy and beautiful bride. See you around.

Life is a journey of self-discovery.

The illustrations (on the right) are the fruits of labour from the 2020 Circuit Breaker. Doodling out of boredom during that period proved anyone could draw if they put their hearts to it. Art is a great way to process complex feelings, especially during the unprecedented pandemic crisis that took us by surprise. I would like to place my illustrations here as a reminder that good things happen when we don’t give up. (Read my blog post here)