1. Gain More In Life by focusing on the process rather than the outcome

When you start focusing your attention on the process, you take risks to experiment. You are more likely to deal with mistakes which in return help you learn and grow. You learn faster because you are in control of your growth, one day at a time. Happiness and satisfaction come when you dedicate yourself to the process.

2. Take yourself on a journey of self-discovery

I have always been someone who values experience over outcomes, which has resulted in many abandoned projects. The illustrations (on the left) are my recent fruits of labour. When I first started doodling out of boredom during the circuit breaker, I was worried about the outcome. The moment I chose to let go of the pressure to deliver, or prove a point, I saw myself enjoying the process a lot better. Art is a great way to process complex feelings, and express emotions without words. It gave me a chance to slow down, especially during the mandatory circuit breaker.

It's the process, not the product.