Do you maintain a healthy routine during the circuit breaker stay-home period? The coronavirus pandemic has transformed how life previously was, and I have to confess my bedtime routine had gone haywire. Throughout this period, I took the time to organise my weaving supplies and completed a few weaving projects, which I am pleased with. They went right onto the wall of my room, where I can admire them whenever I use the room.

I wish I can weave a few more pieces, but this craft is an activity that involves a great deal of patience and focus. I am fortunate to have Oscar, my three-year-old Pomeranian by my side - an excellent companion as he lays beside me, listening to my conversations on yarn color and patterns.

Home-cooked meals have been a rotation between whole food meals (lightly steamed, baked) and sinful instant food (Korean instant noodles, chicken nuggets, etc.). The rule is to make each meal prep a breeze, yet guaranteed to satisfy cravings. Every time I run out of ideas on what to cook, all I have to do is check Instagram Stories for inspirations. Most people I know, seem to enjoy cooking more than ever and share their home-cooked meals daily.

As we progress towards the last week of the circuit breaker stay-home period, will you continue whipping up delectable home-cooked meals or keeping your newfound hobby? Sixty days is an excellent period to form a habit. I am sure easy-to-prepare whole food meals will always be a daily task. How about you? What have you explored during this circuit breaker period? What have you learned about yourself and your family?