why choose a half up hairstyle for your wedding day

Most of us wear our hair down daily, hence a fancy updo can take you out of your comfort zone when you are so used to having your hair lush and flowy around your shoulders. We have rounded up some styles that our brides have requested - from shoulder-length, medium to long hair.

When it comes to your wedding look, you want to feel like the best version of yourself. That's exactly why the half up half down hairstyle is one of the most versatile, and sought-after hairstyle. Take the style, interpret it to make it fit your personality and wedding aesthetic.

bridal hairpieces, or fresh flowers

How do you decide what to dress up your bridal hairstyle? Dazzling bridal hairpieces add charm to the simplest wedding hairstyles, perfect for ballrooms and venues with spotlights as they add that sparkle to your bridal ensemble when you move around. Flowers add that fresh, and organic vibe to the overall styling for your lovely outdoor solemnisation. Be spoilt for choice with the varieties - hair vines, rhinestone combs, pearl hair clips, fresh cut flowers, etc.

Beautiful dried florals nestled into the braids (Iheartblooms bride)

Texture on the crown with cascading curls (Iheartblooms bride)

A refreshing spin on the classic (Iheartblooms bride)

Sweeping side bangs add dimension to the half-up wedding hairstyle (Iheartblooms bride)

Where can i buy bridal hairpieces

  • Etsy (Unique, handcrafted wedding hair pieces)
  • Lovisa (All the tiaras, rhinestones combs, Pearl pins, headbands you can find)
  • Gioielli (Designed and handmade by local hairpiece designer)
  • Twigs & Honey (Bespoke bridal vines, rhinestones combs, freshwater pearls clip etc.)
  • Taobao (The Online Marketplace)

Customise your curls

Do you know that the curls can be customised accordingly to your preference? The humid Singapore weather plays a part in the curls. The heat from the weather, and body perspiration can make your hair loose its curls. Imagine getting ready at 8am, and you have 5 hours till the ballroom first entrance at 1pm. The common activities within the 5 hours may be - tea ceremony at the bride and groom's homes, outdoor photoshoot with the bridal entourage etc. This explains why makeup artists have to tighten the curls for it to loosen over time.

Blooms tucked into the folds for that organic style (screen capture from our Instagram Stories)

Use an elaborated hairpiece as the crowning touch to your romantic, bohemian style. (Iheartblooms bride)

A simple, sleek hair clip to elevate the hairstyle. (Iheartblooms bride)

Super love this half up half down with little flowers embedded (Iheartblooms bride)

BRidal hair prep: HAir colour

Resist temptations to attempt an experimental drastic change until after your wedding day. You can’t go wrong with a classic look on your wedding day. Typically, most brides want to go lighter to achieve a softer, and brighter look. For half up hairstyles, you can consider honeyed highlights to add that extra brightness, and dimension to the style.


Give yourself an appropriate amount of time to ensure your hair colour looks the best. Have your hair done two weeks before your wedding to give it time to settle to a more natural shade, and to make any adjustments if necessary.

More styles can be seen on our Instagram posts, and stories!


  1. Pick out your favourite half up hairstyle
  2. Decide between fresh flowers, or rhinestone combs for your hairstyle
  3. Shop for your favourite hair accessory - locally or online (optional)
  4. Decide on a hair colour, and visit your hair stylist two weeks before the wedding day
  5. If you have a preference for the type of curls, let your makeup artist know on the day
  6. If your hair cannot hold curls, opt for an additional touchup before the reception.