I just kept drawing.

Challenging moments can be our greatest opportunities to learn and grow as a person.

I found truth in this sentence when I discovered I could illustrate. All thanks to the two-months circuit breaker, which made it mandatory to stay home. I chose to respond to the monotonous days of circuit breaker with drawing sessions throughout the day to keep myself sane. It had tremendously helped reduced my anxiety and kept me calm for most parts of the day. 

I started with a flower, and then a bouquet, and a self-portrait, to illustrating more faces. It became an enjoyable activity, and I find myself looking forward to the next day. It gets better each time I do it, more so when the topic interests or excites me, and I go on exploring boundaries. 

Improving and growing each day, like a plant while I water myself with new strokes, new color palettes, and new objects to illustrate. I think I am falling in love with the process of becoming a better version of myself. How about you? What did the circuit breaker do for you?

- Jenn

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