Instagram Makeup Filter - Boss Babe

Instagram Makeup Filter - Flower Child

Instagram Makeup Filter - Whimsical Dots

oh, I woke up like this

I can finally say I woke up like this - with my bare face, I look fabulous on screen with full makeup on. This is made possible with technology. It is a great opportunity to use AR (Augmented Reality) to express individuality, to enhance, or alter appearance in exciting and creative ways. With Instagram filters and other social platforms stepping in, we can now push the boundaries of what we can do with makeup - in both physical and digital space. 

The importance of technology in our lives today cannot be underestimated, and is gradually becoming a part of who we are. I love technology and the way they improve our way of living and communication. With the abundance of social media platforms, we can now reach out to one another without the barrier of distance.

play and experiment

With more time to play and experiment during isolation (due to the mandatory stay-home Circuit Breaker), I explore the technical aspects of creating makeup looks using Spark Ar Studio. With my knowledge of makeup as a makeup artist, I decide on the level of intensities that are able to accommodate a wider range of face shapes and skin tones. If possible, look natural enough without people knowing that they actually have no makeup on. The makeup looks which I have created are inspired by makeup trends, and styles that my clients would prefer.

Instagram Makeup Filter - I can't breathe

Instagram Makeup Filter - Oh Deer

Instagram Makeup Filter - Queen of Hearts

overcome screen shyness

Many of us no longer have the opportunity to dress up and wear makeup during the Circuit Breaker, and the Instagram filters proved to be a mood lifter during this period of isolation. Many of my clients, and circle of friends on Instagram gear towards the conservative side. Many are shy, and I realised that Instagram makeup filters have the capacity to help us overcome public shyness on screen, help elevate our mood and make us feel confident about how we look.

imagine yourself in different ways

If the Instagram filters that I have created fit your face shape or style, you could go on screen (photos/videos) looking like you have makeup on. From the statistics on the filters, I am delighted to know that my Ready-to-wear Instagram filters are putting smiles on faces, and bringing happiness to many beautiful people on Instagram. I cannot wait to create and share more looks with you. It is refreshing to see yourself from a new perspective. Be bold and try a new look today. Have fun.

My Instagram filters can be found on my Instagram account @Iheartblooms

Sunshine Freckles

Instagram Makeup Filter on Myself