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Family | the simplest of days

I finally get to make a trip to my parents' place after the two months Circuit Breaker. My parents' home may not strike you as being particularly photogenic. To depict a real-life authentic setting, there's no better reason than to capture the memories the way it was presented. For this series of images, I am not hung up on perfect images, and my focus is on what's happening naturally during the visit. I miss them so much, and that is all that matters.

“When I am thinking of you, I think fond thoughts of all the good times we have had.”

Play is children's everyday routine

If this is true, then photographic opportunities are everywhere whenever children are around. These are lovely memories that deserve to be remembered. The childhood memories that revolve around the family are for them to look back fondly when they grow up, and I want to create those memories for them.

Are children shy of the camera?

Of course, they are! Some kids love to pose for the camera, and some absolutely hate it. I try my best to be quick, and I show them what I caught on screen. Children get excited naturally, and once they do, it becomes a little game between us. After a while, they are immersed in their own activity there’s no regard for my presence.

Bianca taking a photo of me

Carrieanne posing with her Barbie doll dressed in "clothes" she cut out from socks

Play is our language

For both children and adults, play is our language because it fuels our imagination and enhances our creative explorations. Upon seeing my camera, my younger niece Bianca pretends to take a photo of me with her pink Barbie toy camera. My older niece Carrieane is seen here posing with her Barbie doll dressed in clothes made from the socks she cut out.

The eyes convey true emotions

Candid yet meaningful

Emotions at their most genuine state

Every day, things happen without assistance. We don't have to place subjects in situations. I love to portray moments the way it unfolds naturally. Photography is not always about the aesthetics—it's about telling a moment. It is about being genuine in who we are.

The element of surprise - How do you think she is feeling at that moment?