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Bridal Trial (FAQ)

What is a bridal trial?

A personalised session for discussion, and mockup of the styles you have specially selected. * (Not the comprehensive styling that will be done on the actual day). Trial timings - between 10am to 5pm.

• CONSULTATION - (10 to 15 mins)
A consultation for the client.
Makeup - Colour Preference / Makeup Looks / Makeup Intensity etc.
Hairstyles - Suitable Hair Length, Hair Colour, Fringe or no fringe etc.

• MOCK-UP TRIAL (Approximately 1 hour 30 mins)
A (mockup) makeup and hair trial to see how you will look in the styles you have specially selected.
(1 makeup + 2 hairstyles)

Can I use the trial for my photoshoot / solemnisation etc?

No, you can't.
Because it is a consultation + (mockup) hair trial.

We have rates for photoshoots, solemnisation, and actual wedding day, hence the (mock-up) trial session cannot be used for those events. (You will be asked to remove the hairstyle after the trial session.) Keep the (mock-up) trial as a trial session. Take photos and videos to remember the styles, and remove the hairstyle after the session.

when / how do I schedule my bridal trial?

The (mock up) trial is best scheduled 1 - 2 months before the wedding day. Due to overwhelming appointments, the trial dates are released on a 3-months block.

For existing brides, kindly get in touch with Jenn for the webpage passcode to book your (mock up) trial online.

How many looks can I try during the bridal trial?

1 makeup, and 2 hairstyles change.
This is to ensure that brides consider all options, and narrow down to the hairstyles they prefer best.

What do I have to prepare for the trial?

Understand that we are meeting for the first time, and the information you provide is essential for me to understand your preference. Every bride is unique, and defines ‘natural makeup’ differently. Help me understand your wedding day vision with the following information.

Share with me (via WhatsApp):
• Photos of your wedding dresses.
• 1 makeup look, and 2 hairstyles that you would love to try during the trial.

How long will the trial session take?

Makeup trial ( 1 hour )
Hair and Makeup trial ( 2 hours )
* Trial Extension is payable at $100 per hour.

Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing the right makeup artist

Before you reach out, spend some time to think about your style. It is important to engage a makeup artist whose style, and the way she perceives beauty resonates with your own. Once you have decided, trust her wholeheartedly, and communicate effectively.

Difference between location, and studio rates

// Location Rate
The makeup artist will pack all the essential items (mirror, extension plugs, cosmetics, small table light, hairstyling tools) in a luggage, and transport them to the convenience of your location to provide the service you require.

// Studio Rate:
Customers will have to come over to the studio for the makeup and hairstyling service. Same service and artistry, the difference would be the location.

How to reserve time-slots

Step 1 - Get ready your makeup-ready timings.
Step 2 - Check makeup artist availability.
Step 3 - Request for an invoice to place a 50% deposit to confirm the time-slot.

Payment Mode

50% deposit to reserve the time-slots
50% balance (on actual date)

Ampoules, or serums

Both work great! Makeup can stay, with or without the use of ampoules. Many brides have preconceived ideas that an ampoule is like a miracle potion. Some brides have encountered skin reactions on the actual day due to the ampoules' concentration.

At Iheartblooms, the use of ampoules is upon request only. Quality serums, and other skincare product combinations can work well to make the makeup last. Less is more especially in our humid weather. I strongly encourage brides-to-be to start taking care of their skin before the actual day with intake of water, fruits, sufficient rest, gentle skin exfoliation etc. Good skin = good canvas for makeup.

Unforeseen Circumstances

// Pre-wedding photoshoot
We are reasonable people, and we understand that unforeseen circumstances (rain/ falling sick/ emergency etc.) can get in the way of an event. We allow the rescheduling of event if you can inform us one (1) day before the event.

//Wedding Day
In the event we are unable to carry out the service you have booked, Iheartblooms will make every effort to secure a replacement makeup artist for your event.

Do you have makeup artists who can assist additional ladies

Of course we do. My experienced makeup associates and I pride ourselves in working calmly and efficiently. We strive to go above and beyond to provide undivided attention for each of our clients.

Hair and makeup duration: 1 hour per person
* Full payment to be made 1 day before the event.

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