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The Love for New Beginnings

Hello, my name is Jenn.

I am a visual designer who is passionately in love with visual aesthetics. My pursuit in fashion / theatrical makeup led me to the wedding scene. I love meeting people, and finding ways to help them have an uplifting experience on important events of their lives.

Being able to step into the stories of my brides is rewarding, as their love stories and enthusiasm about the future positively inspire me. We are happiest when we follow our hearts. My advice to brides-to-be: Seek out styles that best represents your personality, and I am certain you will be a happy and beautiful bride. See you around.


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TheWildFlowerStudio - Wedding Invitations, and others

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Portraits Photography - Lifestyle Brands, and Personal Stories

My eye instinctively drawn to gentleness and beauty, and I love compositions that look effortless, and most often, beautiful.