Sweet Whisper | Behind the scenes for Bells and Birds (Kesa House)

Robes Bells and Birds / Hair and makeup Iheartblooms / Venue Kesa House

Time goes by so quickly, and the last time Amanda (Bells and Birds) and I saw Jasmine (the model from Hong Kong) was a while back. She is such a cheerful soul, full of energy, and always in good spirits. Her confidence, charm, and positive outlook on life make her unforgettable. We couldn't stop chatting when we saw each other. I got down to the makeup and hairstyling as quickly as I could.

Jasmine is a breeze to photograph - beautiful, humble, and the amount of professionalism and grace she carries in the workplace is worth mentioning. Kesa House, the boutique hotel located at the heart of Singapore 's vibrant Chinatown, has a chic facade and many Instagram-worthy photography spots. Just like Jasmine, this trendy boutique hotel is impressive, and the concept is unforgettable. 

I have always loved people watching - observing what they do and their interactions. Personally, photography for me is a hobby that I love. Let us not forget the simple love of photography - the scenes may not always be perfect, but the moments are real. Behind the scenes, documentations are the ideal moments to capture realism in actual moments through the photographer's creative vision.

Looking forward to more good times and relish in anticipation of good things to come. Don't we all want to continue to be passionate about the things we can do and explore? Just like this photoshoot, everything has its sparkle. Do the things that bring smiles to your face.