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looking gorgeously effortless!

  • Check availability


  • Place a 50% deposit to secure time-slots


  • Schedule trial &  plan your looks

Our makeup style resonates with you



Less is more

Subtle elegance works for you

How to choose the right makeup artist

Before you reach out, spend some time to think about your style. Look for the makeup artist whose style and the way she perceives beauty resonates with your own. 


Once you have decided, trust her wholeheartedly and communicate effectively. 

  • Any applicable surcharge 

  • Makeup artist two-way transportation

  • On-location makeup and hairstyling service

  • False lashes application

  • Application of serum (Ampoule upon request only, due to skin sensitivities and breakouts)

  • Airbrush makeup technique

  • Floral arrangement on hairstyle (if applicable)

  • Helping to change into bridal gown (if applicable)

What is inclusive in the bridal makeup rate

I recommend lash extensions for photoshoots and wedding days, because of their comfort and resistance to happy tears, oily eyelids, and mascara smudges.

One less worry.

Lash Extensions

Bridal Trial

Bridal trials are best scheduled 1-2 months before the wedding day, only on weekdays (10 am -5 pm), and I apologize for no evening slots and public holidays.


* I am passionate in what I do, but I seek your understanding that I have to create a balance from work, and cater time

for my family. 


How many looks can I try?

It will be according to the number of looks you have selected in your bridal package. (Eg. 1 look on actual day = 1 look during trial)

How many people can I bring along?

Just one person

Makeup can stay with or without the use of ampoules. Brides have preconceived ideas that an ampoule is like a miracle potion. 


The use of ampoules is upon request only, as some brides do encounter skin reactions due to its concentration. Good serums

and other skincare products work the same. 

I prefer to use serums to minimize skin reactions.


Say yes to Airbrush Makeup.

This service is inclusive in the rate. I love to use Airbrush

over my favourite foundations.


Airbrush makeup does not necessarily mean light makeup unless you have blemish-free skin. Otherwise, a thicker foundation application is required to achieve flawless coverage.

Airbrush Makeup

Your florist is the best person to prepare, and

set aside some fresh flowers for your hair.


Just like how the bridal bouquet is important,

pretty flowers make pretty hairstyles.

Do take note.

Fresh flowers for the hair

  • Non-oily and completely dry hair 
    (Oily hair inhibits heat and curls flatten out quickly because of the residue oil in the hair)

  • 2 chairs (For the makeup artist & bride)

  • Hang up veil to avoid creases

  • Put on a bridal robe, or button-front top

  • Bring along your own lipstick(s) for touchups, as  it is not in our service to provide them.

Actual Day / Photoshoot

Prep at home, hotel, venue

Terms & Conditions

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

We understand that unforeseen circumstances (rain/falling sick/emergency etc) can get in the way of an event​. We are reasonable people and we will re-schedule the makeup session if you can inform us one (1) day before the event.


A 50% (non-refundable) deposit for hair and makeup services is due at the time of booking. The balance will be due on the day of your event. A receipt will be issued tacknowledge the deposit received.

Unforeseen Circumstances

In the event we are unable to carry out the services that you have booked. Iheartblooms will make every effort to secure a replacement makeup artist for your event. 

Social Media / Website

We kindly seek your permission to use the below mentioned as examples of my work on website, portfolio, and social media.

(1) photos taken during the bridal trial

(2) photos taken on your wedding day

(3) your professional photos taken by your photographer