Hello, I'm Jenn

Fueled by my passion for aesthetics, my pursuit in fashion / theatrical makeup eventually led me to the wedding scene. I love meeting new people and finding ways to help them have an uplifting experience on their special occasions. Being able to step into the stories of my clients is rewarding, and their experiences on love and excitement about the future positively inspire me. We are happiest when we follow our hearts, and that includes selecting styles that best represents us.

Beauty is inside-out - influenced by your past, to your present habits, and inspired by the future.

Sweet Whisper is my photography side hustle for beautiful moments and memories. My love for documentation started ever since the launch of mobile phones with built-in cameras. I hope as we allow tender moments to take center stage, photography sessions with us are one-of-a-kind and unforgettable. See you around.

“Iheartblooms represents my love for new beginnings.”