founder profile in a nutshell

Hola. Nice To Meet You

My name is Jenn

I am a multipotentialite. My curiosity drives me to continually seek understanding of the world. And I love that life is a never-ending journey of discovery. Makeup and hairstyling are among the creative outlets that allow me to express myself artistically, sparked by my fascination with creative fashion makeup.

With over a decade of experience working with women, I have observed trends come and go. My creative nature allows me to adapt and meet the diverse needs of my customers. Reach out for your upcoming event!

our brand story

why iheartblooms

The brand name "Iheartblooms" embodies the essence of new beginnings, much like weddings mark the start of a new chapter. We believe in a styling approach that is understated, reflecting the beauty found in each unique individual.

In a world that often values perfection over authenticity, we remain committed to honouring and embracing the true essence of each individual. Because beauty, at its core, is authenticity.

jenn (behind the scenes)