I went on a roving photoshoot outing with the photographers from Bottled Groove Photography. Exploring hidden gems, they captured the lovely couple's candid smiles and vibrant scenes. For me, it's all about behind-the-scenes moments. Our interpretations of the same scene resulted in a myriad of storytelling angles. The level of freedom and enjoyment was so high that the weight of my makeup and hairstyling tools was completely irrelevant.

Photography, in my view, should encapsulate the essence of the day, driven by genuine exploration. It's about capturing the environment's natural state and emotions exactly as they unfold, unscripted and purely candid. The couple was truly AMAZING, and we had loads of fun despite sweating in the heat.

Essential Outdoor Photoshoot Makeup Tips –

by a Professional Makeup Artist

  • Sunscreen to protect the skin (never underestimate our glorious sun)
  • Opt for a matte foundation (skin will oil up due to humidity)
  • Relax and have fun
  • Having a bridal bouquet adds beauty, and serves as a great prop

Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot Outfit Ideas:

Gone are the days when specific elaborated gowns were a must for a prewed photoshoot. When it comes to casual photoshoot sessions, an array of dress options awaits, spanning a spectrum of colours such as mint, white, raspberry, peach, and pastels, alongside bold and vibrant shades. Opt for what resonates with your personal style and brings out your best features. It's all about embracing what you love and feeling your finest in the spotlight.

Observing people is a source of fascination for me. It is food for thought, as I reflect on life's intricacies and human behaviours. I think that a photographer's role as a privileged observer during a wedding day offers a vantage point to witness an abundance of moments. What are your thoughts?