A delightful sanctuary for feline enthusiasts nestled in the heart of the city, walking distance from Bugis MRT Station. Upon entering the charming establishment, we were greeted by comfortable seating arrangements that invite relaxation.

The star attractions, of course, are the resident cats, each with their own unique personality and charm.

Whether you are seeking a cuddle with a friendly feline or simply observing their playful antics (which I prefer), there is never a dull moment at Meomi Cat Cafe. I am more of a dog person, but recently I am fascinated by the cats' playful antics and unique personalities, I found myself drawn to these furry companions in ways I never expected. 

The owners, too, are friendly and attentive, ensuring that every visitor feels welcomed and valued. We just sat down and had a good chat. Whether you are seeking solace from the hustle and bustle of city life or simply craving some quality time with furry friends, a visit to Meomi Cat Cafe is sure to leave you with a smile on your face.

It was a truly nice experience that challenged my preconceptions and left me with a newfound appreciation for our feline friends.

At the entrance, the cat cafe offers a delightful array of cat-themed souvenirs for purchase. During my visit, I couldn't resist exploring their selection, which featured everything from adorable plush toys to quirky trinkets. Within 2 minutes, I settled on two badge pins to adorn my bag. These charming souvenirs not only serve as reminders of my visit to Meomi Cat Cafe, but also add a touch of whimsy to my favourite bag.

My personal thoughts on cats:

What draws me to cats is their lower level of commitment compared to dogs. While they share the same playful antics, cats don't require daily outdoor walks. When you travel, it is easier to arrange care for them, whether asking a family member or friend to drop by or boarding them with a trusted provider (no walks required). If you are someone who enjoys the company of pets without feeling tied down, this flexibility may suit your lifestyle.

Meomi Cat Cafe

668 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 188801

Tel:  6296 0339

Jenn's Tips

  1. Check with the cat cafe for the timings when the cats are most active.
  2. Make a reservation before heading down – call or contact them via Instagram.
  3. Bring a selfie stick.
  4. Makes a great date activity.
  5. Don't forget to check out Haji Lane which is just round the corner.