First stop – Haji Lane

It is one of those days where you tell yourself you need a break from work and you want to go out exploring. The question is, where do I go? Since I love capturing scenes, I thought, why not somewhere with a nice vibe? Like Haji Lane. The sun was relentlessly hot, but it did not deter my plans. I can be pretty determined at times. I grabbed my hat, sunglasses, and camera, and headed out.

Haji Lane's vibrancy captivates me. Nestled in Singapore's Kampong Glam, it is a colourful haven for photos, adorned with 19th-century shophouses turned charming cafes, bars, and boutiques, all amidst spontaneous graffiti. It is a mix of ages here, and that is what I love. Everyone brings their own vibe and doing their own thing, making every moment in this place uniquely special. If you are into photo studios, there are a few around here. Check them out if that is your thing. Could be fun to create some memories with your family or friends.

The sun was scorching, sending tourists scurrying for shade, seeking refuge mostly in nearby coffee spots. Can't blame them, that heat was relentless. Singapore's humidity is something else. You step outside, and bam! Instant sauna. Gotta embrace that sticky, sweaty life.

Definitely coming back for those cool shops. Found some real gems that caught my eye. Can't wait to explore them properly next time with a friend.

  • Meomi Cat Cafe
  • The French American Bakery
  • Coffee Donkee